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Creating a Dashboard application

In this tutorial we will show how to create and configure an application container.

This application lets you display several types of nested widgets applications.
- First we must create a container application.
1. Creating a new application container.

- Then we must access the application settings to add the columns and their widgets.

After we define the number of columns, we add the widgets you want.

2. Accessing application settings

3. Adding columns (For add a column, click in add column) and widgets (For add an widget, click in Add Widget) like in the image below.

- For configure the widgets, click in the link editing properties.

There are many options of setting , where you can inform the title, select the application that will be used , define the widget height.

In the option Link you can use the URL of websites, not being mandatory the utilization of an application created in ScriptCase.

4. Configuring the widget:

5. Before of run the Container application.

Before to run the container, for that work correctly, is fundamental generate the source code of all Scriptcase applications related to it.

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