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Manual Update - Mac OS

Before performing any procedure we recommend performing a backup of your projects.

To back up Scriptcase:

  • Go to Settings> Administration, in the side menu go to Services> Backup. A file (.ZIP) will be generated with all your projects, save this file to a secure directory.
  • Or compress and save the entire Scriptcase folder to a secure directory.

Here's how to perform a manual update of Scriptcase

  1. Download ScriptCase in (.zip) format.
    To download click here.
  2. Now we must unzip the downloaded zip file and copy the files contained in it to your Scriptcase folder.

    To perform this procedure access the Linux terminal as Root and execute the commands below, following the order.
     sudo su
     cp -R scriptcase-9.0.000-en_us/* scriptcase 
     chmod -R 777 scriptcase/

For those who performed Step 3 through the MacOs graphical interface, remember to click "Merge".

P.S .: Never click replace, this action will delete all your Scriptcase and its projects.

At the end of the file transfer process, to make sure the update is complete, access your ScriptCase, and go to the Help menu -> Check version.

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