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Email Export in Charts

In Chart applications you can configure the export by email feature. This feature is used to export the Charts and send the export directly by e-mail to the configured recipients.

The e-mail export settings can be viewed in the Email Export menu.

Next, you need to configure the API that will be used for the export. You can use SMTP, Mandrill, or Amazon SES Gateways protocols. You can also use the Custom option if you need to specify a specific configuration for the application.

In the example below, the Custom option is used using the SMTP protocol for sending the emails with a Google Gmail account.

In the export settings you can configure recipient information, copies, subject and email body.

After you configure these options, you must enable the Send E-mail buttons on the Chart's toolbar.

After setup, you can run the application.

To export the Charts by email, select the export format.

The following form is shown below, where you can add/remove recipients, subject and email body.

Once you have set up the upload data, use the Send email button to complete the upload. A successful message will be displayed confirming the sending of emails.

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