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Displaying Grid details

Detail is an existing resource only for the applications of the query. By using this feature the user can choose to view a query with the most pertinent fields the first moment and displaying in detail the additional information of the desired record.


This resource is activating when the user clicks on the image of the magnifying glass, appears in each query row, and then is displayed a new page with a form displaying the additional information of the selected record.


Follow the steps below:


First let's make sure that the detail option is checked. If not, click to use this functionality.


1. Go consultation on the left menu. As shown in the image below.



2. Make sure the option is checked.



3. For we configure this property, click Details> Settings in the left menu ScriptCase.



4. Here you can choose the fields that will be part of the description (by checking and unchecking the field) with a double click or via the "Turn On / Off" button.


- After making the settings, just run the application.


5. The image below shows the query and (magnifying glass) icon for each line.



By clicking on any of the icons (MAGNIFYING GLASS), complete information about that record will be displayed.

6. Please find below the details of a record.

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