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Open a form in Insert mode

In this tutorial we'll show you how to setup the initialization format of a form application.

Currently on the Scriptcase, you have two ways to do this changes for that this application starts by the insert mode. Bellow follow the examples:


- Using the sc_apl_conf macro:

The macro syntax is very simple, you need inform three properties for use it, that are:

'Application name'



For that a form starts by insert mode, should use the macro in onApplicationInit event, with the following configuration:

sc_apl_conf("meu_formulário", "start", "new");

This way, the form application will starts on the insert mode. Check out the pictures below for look the procedure:

1 - Code over onApplicationInit event


2 - Form in insert mode, using the macro

For more information about the macro, click here.


- Removing the toolbar buttons:

This procedure is still more simple, you need only remove the application toolbar buttons, leaving only available the buttons of "Insert" and "Back".

Check out the steps on the images bellow:

1 -Default configuration of a single record form toolbar


2 - Removed buttons, leaving only "Insert" and "Exit"


3 - Form in insert mode

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