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Application Diagram – Graphiz Installation on Debian based Linux Platform

Scriptcase allows to generate a demonstration diagram of how the applications are organized for accessibility. To generate this diagram, it's necessary to install a program called GraphViz (Graph Visualization Software), in this tutorial we'll show how to install the program.

1. Installation: - First we need to see if the diagram isn't appearing. To do that, open Scriptcase then open any project then go to the menu Project → Show Diagram, verify if it opens like the image below:

 - If it showed a Diagram instead of the image above the program is already installed.

 - Now open the terminal and use the following command: apt-get install graphviz

2. Now access to diagram in Scriptcase   - Doing the exact same procedure as the previous step   3. Example of the generated diagram Note: If the procedure above doesn't work, try the following:- Download the program for your Operating System, in - Find the install Graphviz in your pc, files dot and -name dotfind -name neato - Verify the returning directories and make a link with the name dot and neatoln -s graphiviz_directory/dot dotln -s graphiviz_directory/neato neato

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