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Manual Installation of Scriptcase

On this tutorial, we will show how to install Scriptcase for who already have an environment prepared.

It is important to always verify if your have all the pre-requirements, of installation, before this procedure. Please access this link Click Here to have access to our Online Documentation.

1. After verifying the pre-requirements, you will have to download the Zip of Scriptcase according to your environment Click Here.


2. Extract the files in a folder, using 'extract here' using a Software of extracting Zip files, it will create a folder named: scriptcase.x.x.x, rename the folder to scriptcase, then move the folder to the Web Server root.

Now go to your browser and open your Scriptcase, example:


3. Now follow the steps to configure your scriptcase:

    Select the Language for the setup

4. Verify the extensions installed if you click enable Scriptcase will try to configure the php.ini to work with the extension.


5. Select Customized Installation


6. It is necessary that some directories have the write permission set


7. Select your default database, Server name, User, Password, and the name of the database.


8. This image shows what tables that were create.


9. Create your Scriptcase Login


10. It will display the image bellow if the installation was successful.


11. Scriptcase Login

Choose files or drag and drop files
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