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SQLite Connection (windows)

Creating a connection in ScriptCase using SQLite. 


* Enable the extensions/modules php_pdo.dll, php_pdo_sqlite.dll and php_sqlite.dll of the PHP in the php.ini file.

Step by step:

Edit the PHP.ini file. Run the phphinfo() function of PHP and check the location of the php.ini file in accordance with image below.


In the PHP.INI file, search for pdo.dll, pdo_sqlite.dll, sqlite.dll and remove the ";" to enable the module SQLite in PHP. See image below. 

Then make sure the SQLite module was enabled. See Diagnosis.

Save and start the process of creating the connection ScriptCase.

Creating a connection in Windows Server

To connect to your SQLite Databases, check in the ScriptCase Diagnosis (menu: Help | Diagnosis) if the SQLite module is enabled, see image1. If not, edit the file php.ini and enable the module SQLite (pdo.dll, pdo_sqlite.dll, sqlite.dll). When the SQLite module is enabled in Diagnosis, proceed.


To create the connection follow the steps below:

1 - Enter the name of the new Connection and choose SQLite in DBMS, click forward.

2 - In PATH enter the full path to the file ".Db", then click forward.

3 - Test the connection, if the test is made successfully, clicking finish. Otherwise click back and change the settings so that the connection can be established with success.


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