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Creating Commercial Barcode

In this tutorial we will see an example step-by-step, to create the bar code type EAN 13 (widely used in supermarket products). Will use the feature "free form" that provides ScriptCase to be created a free HTML and use the data that is returned by the bank in positions that are desired.

Barcode of type EAN13

 This pattern serves to EAN13 use in packaging of commercial products. Currently this standard is used by over 80 countries worldwide.

See how the code is composed. He has 13 digits that correspond to four information. They are:

Country prefix: the first 3 digits;
Manufacturer code: the next 4 digits;
Product code: the next 5 digits;
Check digit: last digit.

NOTE: There are many standards barcode and type of data it receives, will have to be researched and adapted (if necessary) to the reality of each client. In many cases it is necessary to contact the sectors regulators of each type of bar code.




Step 1: The first step is to develop the template, it will be developed in HTML. In this HTML file should specify which fields appear regarding the query on your table. For we specify the location where the records are displayed in the table, use braces {variable}. As shown in the HTML below, which we will use in our example.

Step 2: Once you have created the file. HTML, ScriptCase will import into the template, the same as in the picture below.

Step 3: Choose the Free Form and then click the Upload button to include your html template.

Step 4: After creating the new application of the query type, the configuration of the application will inform you that the orientation is "Free Form", we can also tell how many rows and columns will appear on our page.

Step 5: After that, we have put in the "Layout" HTML we just import.

Step 6: We also need to create a new field (Fields -> New Field) in this query, with data type "Bar Code (EAN 13)," for him to receive the values that will pass. Below is the figure field created.

Step 7: Now we will go to the event "onRecord" query to create the Barcode. Enter the code that is in the second image.





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