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Creating and Using a library in Scriptcase

We'll take a step-by-step look at how to create and make use of a library in Scriptcase.

1º To create an library go to: Configuration —> Libraries

2º In this first window you should select what level you want to create/upload your library.


3º You can upload a file with your script or create a new one.

Click in New.

4º Type the name for the new library, an description and put your code.


In this example we will check if some field is empty.

5º Now you have to enable the library to be used in your app.


6º In the event ONVALIDATE of the form we will call the function create in our library.


7. Run the application and see the output of the function.

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  1. Ronyan Alves

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    Para chamar um método PHP devemos utilizar seu nome seguido dos parênteses, ou seja: teste();
  2. Adelor da Silva

    "No evento Onload do formulário vamos chamar o método que criamos na biblioteca." Como chamar o método no evento Onload?