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Filter with Form App in the same page

Filter with Form App in the same page

In this example you will create a Filterto find records in a Form App.

1 - Create a Filter app.

2 - Choose your Connection.

3 - Choose your table.

4 -Select the field that will do the search. In this case we will choose the Name of the Client.

5 - Create a link.

6-Choose the link type to Capture to select the records to search.

7 -Choose the Grid app for the search.

8 - Define the field as parameters for the search.

9 - Configure the link properties, you can change the height and width.

10-Create a link Application to a Form.

11 - Choose the Form.

12 - Select the field that will receive the search.

13 - Choose to open in iframe.

14 -App running: Filter and Form in the same page.

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