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Native SRV Driver Installation in Windows Environment

Below are step-by-step instructions for installing the Native SRV driver:



  • Operating System

* Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1

* Windows XP Service Pack 2

* Windows Vista

* Windows Server 2008

* Windows Seven

  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Installed- sqlncli

  • SQLServerDriverForPHP Driver installed






If you wish use the ADOODBC or PHP module connection, it is recommended to use the webhelp tutorial:


First Step: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Installation- sqlncli


After download the file "sqlncli.msi", execute and follow the installer steps.


*After installation, it is recomended reboot the operating system.




Second Step: SQLServerDriverForPHP Driver installation


After executing the "SQLServerDriverForPHP", assign the "ext" folder path in php, according to instructions.

The installer will extract "dlls" that will be used from php to raise the service.



After Installation, it is necessary to enable in php.ini the following dll:

  • php_sqlsrv_ts.dll

 If it is installed the sqlncli 2005 with the SQLServerForPHP 1.0

* Version recommended to MSSQL less or equal to 2005.

Examplo of Code:



  • php_sqlsrv_52_ts_vc6.dll

 If it is installed the sqlncli 2008 with the SQLServerForPHP 1.1 or SQLServerForPHP 2.0

* Version recommended to MSSQL equal or top to 2005.

Examplo of Code:


* It is necessary include the line after calling the extension php_mssql.dll



After editing the file "php.ini", it is necessary to reboot the "apache" service in : "Control Painel-> Administrative Tools-> Service-> ApacheScriptcase5".


Final Step: Create the connection mssql SRV in scriptcase v5.

To create the connection, choose the option: MSSQL Server NATIVE SRV

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