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Import and export applications on scriptcase

When working with projects WEB one of the most important items is the backup, an effective policy that item can avoid many problems. No project is free of problems or errors, and so it is important to have a backup always available if you need to retrieve some information. In Scriptcase can perform backup applications quickly and very practical, check below.

To create a file with all project applications go to menu "Project" and choose "Export Application".

Then select whether to export all or select some specific applications.

If you select the option "All", a window showing the details of the export will open and just down the option to download the file with all applications.

Once created the file and if you want to retrieve the applications, just go the "Project" and select "Import Application" menu.

On this screen you can send the file. Previously created zip and thus recover all the files created.

With this feature that makes it much easier when it comes to backup routines you can create quick and effective control.

Prove in practice over this facility Scriptcase, download now the free version of our tool and enjoy all the benefits it offers. Download and see for yourself!

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