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Summary by Developers in Scriptcase

Scriptcase offers much more than a tool for common development may offer some features present in our tool aimed at helping not only the developer but also who is managing the project development. One of the best examples to illustrate what we are saying is the Summary Report by Developer, with this report it is possible to analyze the production performance of each developer working on the project. Let's know it then.

To access this summary report by the developer go to the menu "Project", choose "Reports" and then "Summary for Developers".

On the screen that will open you can view important information about the work that is being developed. In column developer you can identify the resource to be analyzed and in subsequent columns can analyze the amount of applications that have been created. From this screen it is possible to analyze the volume of items implemented like:


  • Grid   
  • Form   
  • Control   
  • Tabs   
  • Procedure
  • Menu   
  • Menu Tree
  • Search   
  • Container    
  • Blank  

    At the end of the report still have the column "Total" and "Command Line" in the "Total" column has the total volume of applications created and in the "Command Line" the total amount of lines developed.

    In the last line of that report note that there is a totalizer which will display the total volume applications and command lines implemented.

    Scriptcase helps you to have much more control in your projects WEB, learn more about this and other features available in our tool. Download now the free version of our tool and start to enjoy now all the benefits that it offers.
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