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PHP functions necessary for ScriptCase

In PHP , there are some essential functions for the operation of Scriptcase .

On some servers , these functions are disabled , this makes the Scriptcase not work properly .

Following is the list of functions that can not be blocked , if you want to install Scriptcase on the server:

  • dir
  • readdir
  • opendir
  • eval
  • exec
  • set_time_limit
  • ini_alter
  • ini_set
  • ini_restore
  • php_uname
  • popen
  • proc_close
  • proc_get_status
  • proc_open
  • shell_exec
  • system
  • copy
  • move_uploaded_file

For those wishing to place announcements via FTP , there are some functions used by Scriptcase to perform this type of publication.

Following is the list of functions that can not is disabled in PHP, for those who want to perform publication via FTP :

  • ftp_connect
  • ftp_exec
  • ftp_get
  • ftp_login
  • ftp_nb_fput
  • ftp_put
  • ftp_raw
  • ftp_rawlist

Note : The functions listed , not impede the functioning of Scriptcase only prevents the realization of a publication via FTP.

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  1. Ronyan Alves

    Staff –

    Deve editar o arquivo "php.ini" do PHP desejado e apagar as funções da diretiva: "disable_functions = " ( caso deseje ativar todas as funções, deve-se comentar esta linha : ";disable_functions = " ) Salvar a alteração e reiniciar o serviço do Apache/IIS/ ou similar
  2. Ros ongela Soares Penha

    Como habilitar ? Alguém ensina ?