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Express Creation

Using the express creation, it’s possible to create multiple applications of listing and forms, making your development much quicker using scriptcase.

Below you will see a tutorial explaining the step by step of express creating.

1 - On the home area of the project, select express creating on the top toolbar.

2 - It will show on the screen all the tables from your connection.

  • On this screen, you have to select the tables you desire to create an application. You can also select what type of application that will be created, listing and/or form.

3 -After selecting the tables and the applications that will be created, you will be redirected to this screen.

  • This step you can do changes to some configurations on the creation, like changing the application’s names and the orientation of the forms.

Name: You can insert a name to your applications that are being created.

Description: You can add a commentary or explanation referring to the application.

Type: You can select the orientation of the form.

Generate Code: This option the source code of all the applications generated.

Edit: This option opens all the created applications that in editing mode.

Click on finish, to end the procedure, the Scriptcase will show the created applications in a few moments.

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