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MSSQL Server connection for PHP 5.4

To make a connection with MSSQL Server in the Scriptcase for PHP 5.4, you must first configure your php environment.


So for this, you will need to download the file containing the DLL of the connection MSSQL Server module, this file is available in the attachments of this article.


Step 1: Copy the file msvcr71.dll and ntwdblib.dll to the folder of the PHP located on the path:

Windows: C:\Program Files\NetMake\v71\components\php


Step 2: Copy the file php_dblib.dll to the folder EXT of the PHP located on the path:

Windows: C:\Program Files\NetMake\v71\components\php\ext


Step 3: Change the file php.ini, removing all calls for extension php_mssql.dll and adding:


mssql.textlimit = 20971520

mssql.textsize = 20971520



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