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Creating new themes for Scriptcase

In this article we will show how to create and edit new themes for your applications.

Scriptcase disponibilisa a complete tool for creating themes can change the layout of buttons, all the CSS application and the application's menu bar menu. With a simple interface and practice, and also enables the visualization of changes made in real time, facilitating the development of these themes.

The editing and creating themes is available only within the projects and can create restricted to the project, the user or public, can be itilizado on any project of their Scriptcase themes.

Note: It is not possible to perform the export of topics for another installation of Scriptcase thus the new theme can only be used in Scriptcase it was created.

1. To create or make changes in existing themes go, Tools> Layout> Themes, after sign in or create a project.


2. Displays a list of all existing themes in your project and a preview of the theme padão project. These subjects were included in creating it.

     At this stage there are two possibilities, creating a new theme (by clicking create new theme) or edit an existing themes in Scriptcase (clicking save as).

3. When you click create new theme will be directed to the screen below:


In this screen you can perform some changes in the CSS in general applications, such as the background color of the page or the source application.

After making the desired changes, you must enter a name for the theme, select the design mode (design available in applications where it was created), public (available in any project created), user (available only to the user who created the topic ) and click save.

Then we will be redirected to an identical screen to the previous step, displaying the theme created, check the picture below:



4. To accomplish a particular change in a particular application, we must access the advanced mode, this option is only present on a theme created or edited by the user.


5. After the creation of the subject, we must select it in the project on existing applications.

In his Scriptcase access the Tools> Express Edition menu.


6. After selecting which applications are updated, we should select the scheme in this way will exchange the themes of all applications.


8. Then we select the theme and apply the changes created.


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