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Request license for new installation

If you need to change/reinstall your Scriptcase for any reason (formatted the machine, changed the server, ect), you have the option to "request for new installation" into your user's area.Please follow the steps: 

Step 1
- Login into your user's area ("My Scriptcase" - If you forgot the password please click "forget your password" and reset the password info by your registered email, serial or login. Step 2- Into your "My Scriptcase" you will be able to see all the information for your account at Scriptacase. Please choose the option "Serials" to ask the new installation.
  Step 3 - Into the "serials" area you will find the option to "Request for new installation". Then a new serial will be sent to you and the old one will be cancelled automatically. 

  Step 4 - Install the Scriptcase again (acording to the serial version) and register the new serial into the Scriptcase. 

Please advice: Before you end the old Scriptcase enviroment you need to "export"or "backup" the applications and later import for the new enviroment. The new license/serial won't bring the old projects itself. 

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