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Creating Master/Detail

In this example we will be developing a complete master/detail application. To build this application two forms are created. The first based on orders table (Master) and the second in the table order_details (Detail).


Master Form:


1. Go on the Master/Detail option at the Form Settings and create a Detail.



2. Select the Detail Application (order_details).


3. Now you'll select the foreign key fields, it's the link between the Master and Detail.



4. Now on that page you will configure your detail, the form properties, iframe properties and another properties.



5. Now go on Field Positioning and Disable the fields: Shipcountry, Shipregion, Shipstate, Shipcity, Shipname, Shipaddress and Shippostalcode and save.



Detail Form:


6. On the detail form, go on Edit Fields and Put the field “Orderid” as read-only.


7. Now generate the Detail form and run the Master form.



Done that, now we have a relationship of Master and Detail.



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