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Starting the Conversion Process of Scriptcase 8

This article will demonstrate how to convert your projects created in earlier versions of Scriptcase, from version 5 to the latest version of the tool. 

IMPORTANT: The conversion process does not change any information at any time of the project, so the projects are not at risk if the steps listed in this document are followed correctly.

For this case, we will convert Scriptcase 7 projects, installed on a server(host) linux and using MySQL as Scriptcase 8 is on another server(machine) windows and uses SQLite.
1. In case your Scriptcase 7 is installed on another server(machine), different from its v8, you must copy the Scriptcase v7 folder to the server where you installed the V8.

If folders have the same name, copy the directory v7 to a temporary folder, rename the folder, then move this folder to the same directory is installed v7.


2. Then perform the login on your Scriptcase 8 and go to the drive in the tool menu.


3. On this step we give the full path to the Scriptcase 7 directory, directory where we have settled for Scriptcase on the first step.

4. On this step we select the same server and click convert.

4.1 In case the drive cannot find the database in which the Scriptcase 7 were installed, the screen below appears, so that we can inform             the correct database information from Scriptcase.

          This screen is shown only if occur a problem on the database connection of old Scriptcase.


5. Then we select the projects to be converted and click convert.

    We must be careful not to accidentally overwrite the projects.

6. Then a summary of the tables converted will be displayed.

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