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Config.php protection

For security reasons, the file config.php was protected to restrict access. This file is important because it contains the information of the base where the Scriptcase was installed.

Was added an underscore ( _ ) before the extension of the file (config_.php), making the access through the browser impractical, until the protection is removed.


To access the file with a protection, a blank page appears, prevented a change in the information file.

Img 1: File access with protection.


To access the information contained in the file, we should remove the protection.

This requires access to the folder at the root of scriptcase server and rename the file to config.php

Img 2: File directory.


Then, you can access the information in the file using the browser.

Img 3: File information


Note: after performing the changes, protect file again to prevent improper access the information.

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