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Manual Update - Windows

Before performing any procedure we recommend performing a backup of your projects.

To back up Scriptcase:
  • Go to Settings > Administration, in the side menu go to Services > Backup. A file (.ZIP) will be generated with all your projects, save this file to a secure directory.
  • Or compress and save the entire Scriptcase folder to a secure directory.

Here's how to perform a manual update of Scriptcase.

  1. Download Scriptcase in .ZIP format. To download click here.

  2. In a temporary directory, unzip the file.  A directory, scriptcasexx.xx.xx, will be created with the current version number of the ScriptCase.
  3. Open the extracted folder and copy or cut all its contents (folders and files).
  4. Go to the directory where your Scriptcase is installed. 
    By default ScriptCase is installed on C:\Program Files\NetMake\v9\wwwroot\scriptcase
  5. After accessing the directory of your installation, paste the files that were previously copied.
       You must overwrite the files so that they are updated.
    Your projects will not be affected, because in this operation the Scriptcase database remains intact.
  6. After the Manual Update process is completed open your Scriptcase and check if your version is updated (Help -> Check Version).


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