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DB2 connection - Scriptcase

Enabling DB2connection on Scriptcase:


1. Download the instant client of DB2 form the url below or download the file in the final of this tutorial.

  - Data Server Driver Package 10.5 -

DSClients-ntx64-dsdriver-10.5.500.107-FP005 for 64bit architeture ( after click, select ALL LANG )

DSClients-nt32-dsdriver-10.5.500.107-FP005 for 32bit architeture ( after click, select ALL LANG )


2. Place the dll in the PHP extension folder

 - php_ibm_db2.dll ( PHP 5.4 )

Download : click here

 - php_ibm_db2.dll ( PHP 5.6 )

Download : click here


3. Add or uncomment the PHP.ini


4. Restart the apache from scriptcase.

Use the Db2 ODBC Native type of DBMS Driver in the connection of scriptcase.

Attachments (click to download):

Client 32bit

Client 64bit

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