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Excel (XSL) importation with PHPExcel

In this article we will show how to create an application importing Excel spreadsheets (XLS) with the PHPExcel library

We had a seminar about this topic on 09/25/2015, the video can be found on the link below:

Please find the project with the codes are attached.

The Scriptcase has a tool for CSV files, ACCESS importaçãoconversão and XLS. This tool however is only available at the developer level, however it can't be implemented for the generated applications. It is possible to do this implementation manually within a field type upload, using its events in a form or control app. The implementation can be also made within an application blank, because it uses the PHPExcel library which has been imported into the Scriptcase.


For more information on Scriptcase import option for the development level we recommend the video: 

or documentation:

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