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Oracle Connection - Scriptcase

On several occasions we face slowly at the time of connection to the database or the editing and running applications.
  To resolve this issue we can set the connection filter for the loading of data is optimized. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Connection creation
  Access the menu Database > New Connection to create a new connection in your project.

Step 2 - Select the database
   Select the database (in our "Oracle" case).

Step 3 - Configuring connection parameters
   In this step we should configure the following items:

 Connection Name - You can use any name to identify the connection. (In our case we used the standard "conn_oracle")
 DBMS Driver - You must select the appropriate connection driver according to the Oracle database.
 TSNAME - We can use directly TSNAME or use the ip/TSNAME to make the connection to the desired database
 Username - Oracle Database User
 Password - Oracle database password
And click on the icon Test Connection”.

Step 4 - Configure the connection filter
  At this time, we must perform the steps below to optimize the configuration of our connection to the Oracle database

 — Show - We choose which database items will be displayed at the creation of applications.
 — Searches - Here are two items that can be configured:
  Tables You can type the name of the tables to be displayed or not.
 — Owner We must use the name (always capitalized) of SCHEMA, to be displayed or not in the list of tables at the time of application creation.
 — Show - Choose whether the data entered in "Tables" and / or "Owner" will be displayed or not.

—- In this example below, only data from SCHEMA "SCRIPTCASE" will be displayed at the creation of applications

Following these steps, we avoid loading all SCHEMAS or database tables decreasing the amount of data that is requested to the database, increasing the speed of creating, editing and execution of applications.

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