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MSSQL Server Connection - Scriptcase - Mac OS X

Currently we must set up the connection to SQL Server on computers running Mac OS X according to the steps below:

Step 1 - We should access the connection setup, in this case MSSQL Server

Click on "Set FreeTDS".

Step 2 - We must set the data to connect to MSSQL Server database

Name - The name chosen for use in connection

Host - IP or server address where the MSSQL Server database

Port - Port configured in MSSQL Server database (default: 1433)

Instance - Instance used in MSSQL Server database

Version - TDS protocol version used (default: 7.0)

Step 3 - Now we must inform the user and password to connect to MSSQL Server database and test the connection.

Server/Host - Configured name in the "Name" of FreeTDS settings

User - User configured on MSSQL Server database (default: sa)

Password - password set in MSSQL Server database

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