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Setting environment manually PHP 7.0 - Windows IIS

First we will download the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, click here

2. Then run and install the file you downloaded wpilauncher.exe 

3. After installing the Microsoft Web Platform it would automatically open a window like the following:

4. As soon as you finish loading the screen you will see the initial screen of the program, then click on Products.

5. Next add IIS 7.5 Express to the list of programs to be installed:

6. Add PHP 7.0 para IIS Express (Inglês) for the list of programs to install.

7. After you have IIS and PHP in the list of programs to be installed, click Install. 

8. Accept the terms and conditions. Note that one more item is added to be installed MICROSOFT DRIVERS FOR PHP FOR MICROSOFT SQL SERVER. 

9. Click Finish. After that step IIS and PHP 7.0 is installed on your machine.



10. You then have to add the SourceGuardian extension to PHP SourceGuardian. To download the extension click here.
         "Remember to download the SourceGuardian version for your operating system version." 
11. After downloading the extension, place it in a folder at the root of the disk. Example: C:\SourceGuardian\
12. Then go to php.ini (C: \ Program Files and Programs \ PHP \ v7.0) and add to the end of the file add the following lines:

[Source Guardian Loader]
zend_extension= <caminho_completo/SourceGuardian> 

[Source Guardian Loader]
Zend_extension = C:\SourceGuardian\
Zend_loader.enable = 1
Zend_loader.disable_licensing = 0
Zend_loader.license_path =

13. Now restart the IIS service. To do this open the cmd and run the following command: iisreset.

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