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Google+ Authentication

Image1: Google+ authentication Fields.

When creating a Google+ Authentication Button, you need to fill these fields:

  • Application Name - Google+ Application Name.
  • Client ID - Google+ Application ID. This Id will be given by the Google+ Developer's page.
  • Secret - Google+ service will give you a secret key to enable your application to run on a website.
  • Redirect URL - URL to where Google+ must redirect the user with the data retrieved.
  • Method return - Method to be ran when Google+ service return the data requested.

Image2: Google+ developpers page. (01/29/2013)

To create a Google+ application and receive your key and secret for your website, you must follow these steps:

    1. Enter your Application details as asked and click "Next".


    2. Image3:  Application details.

    1. Enter the Client ID as requested in the page and click "Create Client ID".

    2.  Image4: Client ID Details

    1. On the next Page, you will find the data required by Scriptcase.

    2.  Image5: OAuth Keys

You can use this Client ID and Secret to connect an SC application to Google+.

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