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PayPal Authentication

 Below is a

step-by-step to create authentication with PayPal in the application control.

Image1: PayPal authentication Fields.
Image1: Fields for integration with PayPal.

To create the integration with PayPal, you need fill these fields:

  • PayPal URL - This url may be to the PayPal SandBox or the PayPal API itself. The SandBox is the place for tests before the application runs in a real environment.
  • Id - The PayPal ID to receive the payment.
  • Order number - This order number must .
  • Customized field - URL to where PayPal must redirect the user with the data retrieved.
  • Variable with the description - Here will be.
  • Variable with the Total amount - Method to be ran when PayPal service return the data requested.
  • Paypal Method - Method to be ran when PayPal service return the data requested.
  • Method Cancel - Method to be ran when the user cancel the purchase.
  • Method IPN - Method to be ran when PayPal service confirm the payment. This method is comonly used to modify the database and register the purchase as complete.

Image2: PayPal developpers page. (01/29/2013)

To create a PayPal payment method you must fill the fields correctly. In order to test your application, you must use the PayPal SandBox and create a fake PayPal account:



  • Click on "create a preconfigured account".

Enter the test account details as asked and save the changes.

Image3: Test account details.




On the Test Accounts page, activate your newly created account.

Image4: Info about the test account.


The variables returned by the request can be find below:

[tax] =>  

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