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Creating a Calendar Application

In this tutorial we will see, in a simple way how to create an application of type Calendar, available in Scriptcase.


First, open a project and engage the "New Application" link on the top toolbar option. Once there select the application type "Calendar".



Select the connection that should provide access table required by the application in question, or click Create table with this being shown below.



In this case, a table similar to this one below will be created:



The next step is to perform correlation between the fields of the table, with the fields that will appear in your calendar application, see example:



Items with an * (asterisk) are required to create the application. The others are only used if you want the calendar application has resource agenda.


Option :

Id : Used to identify the record, select the field that is the primary key of the table . (int (11) )

Title : Used to store the subject of each activity that is displayed in the application . ( varchar ( 50 ) )

Start Date : The date the activity will be recorded if you use schedule , record the start of it. * ( Date or datetime )

Start time : The time will be recorded in the activity, use the event calendar, record the start of it. * (Time or datetime )

End Date : The end date of the registered activity on the agenda will be recorded . * ( Date or datetime )

End Time : The end time of activity registered on the agenda will be recorded . * (Time or datetime )

Recurrence: is used when an application consists of repeating a month , week or day. ( int ) (1)

Period : is used when an application consists of repeating a month , week or day. ( int ) (1)

If you have a base of date / time field , you can select the option date and time the same field . The framework will take both information and concatenate them before you save the base.

The description field (text ) , will be used only in the inclusion of new activities .


The calendar application has the same layout simple form for inclusion and editing activities.


With the creation of the finished Calendar application, press the "Create" button. Then, the Scriptcase will open its new Calendar application in edit mode.

Monthly, Weekly and Daily: After compiling the application, three views will be displayed.







To add a record, click the date and time corresponding to the desired event area. A simple form will open, already in the mode of inclusion, in the form of modal view


If you want to edit an existing record, simply click upon it.

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