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Calendar By User

In this example we'll show a connection between an application of Control and the Calendar. This feature can be used for a particular user to view your timetable where their activities are scheduled.

Step 1: We will create a calendar, link: Click Here!

Step 2: We create a field in our database as a parameter to pass a particular user.

First we synchronize our application calendar with the new field created in our database

Then we add this new field to appear in the application:

Step 3: Let's use our field to receive the value of a global variable

In SQL WHERE clause Calendar Application, we make the following condition:



Where [var_login] is our global variable and users it's our field.

Step 4: We will create a control application:


We select the connection used:



Inform the application name created:



Step 5: Let's create the field that will serve to inform the specific user



We Inform the application name created



In this part we change the label of this field



Step 6: Let's create the connection type to the Calendar application

We create a new connection



Choose the option Application



Select the Calendar application

Now we will go through our parameter field created in Control, to the global variable created in Calendar.



And now we can execute our control. Whenever inform a user control, the calendar will appear only with their activities.

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