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Creating a menu application

In this tutorial we'll show how to create an application menu.

After creating the project, a screen with all applications available for creating will be displayed.

Select the menu application, put the name and the language that will be used. The languages available in the creation of applications are configured to create the project, there you can also select the schema that is used by the application.


1. Creating the application:


2. To insert the menu items, go to Menu Items:



3.For insert an item just click in "Insert Item".



On properties, you can change the settings of the items created, in the theme tab is possible to choose the theme used by menu items:

Now create a new menu item and put as a sub-item, i.e as a child, and we'll set up a link to it (selecting some application).

To leave it like a child will use the "Move Right" button:

After run the application, will be shown a menu like the below:


And after clicking on the menu item will display the application in which the link refers previously created.

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